Thanks to decades of experience in the world of wine, our talented graphic designers and the famous Italian craftsmanship, known all over the world, we can quickly understand your needs and make graphic drafts that surely will impress you. We already worked with many customers located almost everywhere in the recent years, who still use our uniforms.

In fact we can say we are working with many chains of  Wine/Bar/Restaurant/ Vineries in New York, Wine shops in Colorado USA, and any kind of company in the wine e food sector in Miami, Chicago, UK, Australia, Germany and many others.

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     In a very short time you will have your new uniforms at home, timing:

    1) Cost estimate: 2/3 working days
    2) Draft copy from our graphics: 4/5 working days
    3) Production: 5/6 working days
    4) Shipping worldwide: 4/5 working days

    Do not hesitate contact us immediately at:

  • FOR WHO?

     You can use your customized t-shirts and hoodies both for your staff

    or to sell them at your customers and increase your revenue!

    - Bar / Restaurant / Wine Shop


     - Wine Shop

    - Wine Retail Shop

    - Retails chain- Wineshop / Restaurant Chain

    - Wine Distributors

    -Wine Importers


    Our main purpose is, educating people and sharing our love for wine, hence, to reach this we created

    Wine Jam, which tries to fuse together wine, clothing and culture all linked by an elegant style while taking care of the environment using 100% organic cotton for its clothes.